Group Rules!!

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Group Rules!!

Post by Tiny on Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:26 pm

1. Post a Price with your post, (or your post will be deleted)
2. No trolling/flaming, (you will be banned)
3. No racial slurs or threats, ( you will be reported and banned)
4. All posts concerning selling/trading Must have a picture not a generic, (or it will be deleted)
5. Only bump once every 5 hours, (or it will be deleted)
6. No arguing with mods or admins (if you have an issue with one message the rest)
7. All posts must be gun/hunting related. ( self-explanatory but ask if you need more info)
8. Bidding style posts will not be allowed. (will be deleted)
9. New to firearms, that’s great stay, ask questions and learn. (reasonable questions)
10. News and outside links are ok but use better judgment (no political junk)
11. Don’t clutter up the wall with duplicate posts and pictures related to same post.
12. Price checking is not trolling, know the value of your item.
13. No irrational arguing over a post. (post will be deleted or instigator banned)
14. No price gouging 3 strikes. ( you will be contacted and warned) (then deleted) (then banned)
15. Trade and sell at your own risk. (don’t deal if you don’t feel right about something)
16. All sales and trades must be legal (check ID’s people!)
17. Respect each other. (disrespectful or hateful posts or comments will get you banned)
18. Enjoy the environment of this group
19. Make some money
20. Have fun
NOTE:SPAM will not be tolerated. If you want to mouth off because you seen some spam you will be banned. IF LOCATION IS NOT ON POST IT WILL BE REMOVED, ONLY POST GUNS BUY OR SELL OR TRADE.


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